If you don’t want to worry later, you need to check these 7 things carefully!

CHECKLISTS Where is the best place to get liposuction? To get a slim body safely. Don't forget to check this out!

1.Are there any real reviews to look at? How many reviews? All sizes available?

Liposuction procedure reviews are very important. Because the mechanism of liposuction is like a work of art. Each location is unique and different. Therefore, before deciding where to get liposuction, You should choose from the reviews. It is recommended to look at before and after pictures and choose from cases that have similar proportions to yourself. And make sure there are many cases, many proportions, and many sizes to choose from, whether it is small people or plus sizes,  women or men because a lot of reviews will show the standard that can the treatment be performed and the results are seen exactly as desired? Is it true that your body posture actually look slimmer? 

2. Standard operating room ≠ Sterile surgery room Clean Room

You must check clearly! Clean room operating rooms must have a Positive Pressure system to control the air pressure to be positive, preventing outside air that may be contaminated with germs and foreign objects from flowing into the operating room and ensure that internal air that was drained out never came back again. Including the need to have other systems such as a HEPA Filter air filter system to capture small particles. Makes the operating room truly sterile. Because just the word “Standard operating room” may not actually be standard. (Read more at the operating room)

3. Are there many liposuction machines to choose from?

Before deciding to have liposuction, you should do a survey or search for information on whether the place you choose to go for liposuction-fat addition. Is there a complete liposuction machine to support you? And also need to study details about each type of liposuction machine which must also be chosen to suit us the most because each type of machine has different advantages and disadvantages. (See more information at How are each type of liposuction machine different?) for solving proportion problems directly and the results that best meet your needs as well

4. Is the doctor really skilled, really a medical professor?

The doctor you choose to do liposuction must have direct expertise. One thing that can be observed is the “doctor’s work” by looking at “how many cases were performed?” “What were the results?” “Did the procedure cause any problems?” Are “medical professors” really appointed? Did they really receive an award? For example, in the case of a doctor who is a KOL or Trainer, who is a doctor who teaches the use of liposuction machines, they must actually be appointed by a medical device company, including must have a certificate or must have a plaque from doctors at the level of medical professors or those who have received awards in large numbers of cases, there must be a record from the medical device company and the results announced, including awarding awards annually. 

5. Is there After Care? Is it complete or not?  Is it really good?

70% of liposuction results come from the skills of the doctors, another 30% comes from After Care! Therefore you must choose to find a liposuction location that offers After Care services, taking care after liposuction and adding fat as well. The important thing is don’t forget to check, are you sure everything is available there? Such as RF massage, compression garments, light therapy to reduce swelling, massage to reduce hard lumps, laser wounds, etc. Apart from quantity, don’t forget to check the quality as well! For example, there are many grades of tightening massages devices after liposuction. Ranging in price from thousands to millions, which of course results are clearly different, compression garments come in many qualities. Some things may not be effective after wearing them and may cause the skin sagging after liposuction, etc.

6. What does the services fee cover? Net at the first offer price?

Liposuction position and price must be explained clearly. Calculated per position or they provide a set price. If it is available in set form, from which point will liposuction be done? Does the liposuction price limit CC? What is the guarantee of work if after the procedure, there is still fat remaining or has not been completely collected? What does this price cover? Is After Care included yet? And what After Care services are provided? In addition, the price for liposuction and fat grafting should be clearly agreed upon with the patient and be a single, complete price. There will be no additional worksite additions without notifying the patient first.

7. Anesthesia was given by whom?

n some cases, a nursing assistant may be used or a general nurse or even someone unknown comes in to do this step which seriously may cause death. Therefore, for anesthesia, there must be a professional anesthesiologist who specifically handles these patients. Therefore it will be the safest because at this stage no one will be able to perform this duty. Even the doctor who performs liposuction himself and as an even better step, when administering anesthesia, there should be an anesthesiologist taking care of the patient on a 1:1 basis (1 anesthesiologist per 1 patient).

Amara Clinic, a liposuction center, skin tightening with treatments specially designed by a team of medical fat suction/addition experts and KOL Trainer level doctors (doctors who teach liposuction using the Body-jet water energy machine) who have won many awards over the years. for many years in a row both at national and Asian rankings, such as

  • The Most Body-jet Users Award: The clinic with the most Body-jet liposuction cases in Thailand for 4 years. 
  • Award No. 1 in Asia of Procedures Done in 2020 – 2021 : Clinic with the most skin tightening cases with J Plasma in Asia 2 years in a row. 
  • Leading Aesthetic of Venus Legacy RF Body Contouring in Thailand 2021 Award: Clinic that is a leader Using the Venus Legacy machine in Thailand for the year 2021 
  • “Sudsapdha Beauty Award in the Best of Body Contouring 2022 category: The best beauty clinic of the year 2022 from Sudsapdha Magazine 
  • Award “Iconic Trusted Beauty Clinic 2022: Trusted beauty clinic of the year 2022 from Praew Magazine 
  • Award “The Thailand Golden Award 2022: Hospitals that are popular in using J Plasma services In 2022 
  • “2022 Global J Plasma Awards”, a hospital with the most regular users of J Plasma services in the world year 2022 from Renuvion USA, United States

Examples of an award that Amara Clinic has received is because we perform liposuction and direct fat grafting so that we can achieve the record for having the largest number of cases, the best  and the safest cases. As a result, we have gained the trust of many service users, including medical equipment companies. In addition, there are many other reasons why many people choose liposuction-fat grafting at Amara Clinic. 

Why do many people choose to have liposuction at AMARA CLINIC?

  1. Has the largest number of viewable reviews in Thailand! We,

    Amara Clinic have liposuction case reviews from real patients for you to see before making a decision. There are all sizes to choose from, including small size cases all the way to Plus Size, for a variety of age groups, both women and men. It is recommended to choose to look at reviews of cases that have pictures similar to you and do liposuction in the same position/point In order to see what the results will be like. 

Many more impressions from real cases

Many cases that Amara Clinic is proud to help increase confidence and add smiles to every service recipient

2. Doctors have direct expertise in this field.

More than 95% of cases at Amara Clinic are liposuction and fat grafting cases making the medical team highly skilled and experienced. Led by Dr. Ice and Dr. Maprang, who is a KOL Trainer, a doctor who teaches about  liposuction-full fat, who is trusted by patients from all over the country, including Thai people living abroad who decided to fly for fat suction with us directly.

3. We are a specialized liposuction-fat filling center with integrated services Amara Clinic is a liposuction-fat-filling-skin-tightening center.

We accept more than 95% of liposuction and fat transfer cases. Specialized experts who are trusted by both Thai patients and people in the country. Including Thai people living abroad, some intend to fly back to have liposuction with us especially. In addition, we also provide liposuction, fat filling, and skin tightening services. Fully integrated, specifically designed with an area of ​​over 1,000 square meters, which is clearly divided into different zones.

  • A zone for changing clothes and cabinets and storage lockers.
  • VIP-level waiting room before entering the operating room and for relatives.
  • VIP-level recovery room.
  • Firming massage zone with the Venus Legacy machine
  • Thermatight zone for massaging to reduce hard lumps after liposuction
  •  TESLA Former room to treat isolated abdominal muscles Build abdominal and butt muscles
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) room
  • Private lounge area
  •  Common reception area
  • With private parking Area in front of the clinic

4. The only clinic in Thailand! with incomparable equipment.

We are the only place in Thailand that carries a wide range of world-class quality liposuction and skin tightening machines. With this, doctors can choose the right tools for their patients. This will directly provide good results that meet the patient’s needs as much as possible. In addition, the doctor also has skills in using tools. As a result, the results will be good, safe and help reduce the risk of side effects. 

    • Body-jet, a water-powered liposuction machine, gentle, pain-less swelling, bruising. The fat can be taken for further fat injection. 
    • Ultra Z, a liposuction machine using ultrasound energy. Suitable for small cases with thin fat layers.
    • Vaser Smooth 2.2, a liposuction machine using ultrasound energy that generates higher heat than the machine. Therefore, it is suitable for large case sizes, thick fat layers and suitable for general male liposuction. 
    • MicroAire PAL mechanical energy liposuction machine. Use with other types of liposuction machines to increase efficiency. Collect fat or use it for liposuction in difficult areas.
    • BODYtite Pro dissolves fat and tightens the skin at an affordable price. Suitable for people who have problems with sagging skin and excess in small areas. Can be used in conjunction with liposuction in cases where there is a lot of excess fat. 
    • FACEtite, an innovation to lift and tighten the face, tightens the facial frame without leaving scars. Helps break down fat and firm the skin in one go. 
    • ACCUtite, a skin tightening and fat dissolving machine on the face and body that are difficult to reach. The needle head is as small as a filler needle, requiring almost no recovery time. 
    • J Plasma is the best skin tightening machine in the world! There is no need for large incision surgery. Can be done together with liposuction. without having to open a new wound

5. The results are beautiful and outstanding

with unique techniques With a unique liposuction technique, combined with the use of Art & Science to sharpen the proportions to look like a work of art, resulting in a beautiful and outstanding posture, looking unique in every case. It’s like a work of art that can only be found at Amara Clinic! 

Real Arms, technique for sharpening the upper arms Make your arm circumference smaller and gradates the slenderness perfectly.

European style slimming posture. Combining liposuction techniques to make your stomach flat and beautiful slimming your waist and increasing fat your hips puff

Sexy Line HiDef 4D creates 11 grooves, lean and firm like someone who has been exercising for a year.

Real Legs, a technique for sharpening chopstick legs. Gradualize the taper to balance with the proportions next to it.

6. Main operating room, clean room, sterile 

The main operating room is certified by the Ministry of Health and meets international clean room standards that come with a Positive Pressure system to help control air pressure, preventing outside air from flowing into the operating room. In addition, there are various systems such as Lamina Air Flow, an airflow control system, HEPA Filter, an air filtration system, small particles, international life support system Pipeline, private gas separation system, Scavenging system for gas venting Anesthesia is removed from the operating room and backup power systems, etc.

7. There is a professional anesthesiologist. 

Liposuction and fat transfer at Amara Clinic have pain relief methods to choose from. Both the use of injection and anesthesia by professional anesthesiologist that closely cares for patients one-on-one or 1:1 (1 anesthesiologist takes care of 1 patient) with anesthesia machines and various tools that are modern and standardized.

8. There are over 30 After Care services. 

After Care service after liposuction is very important. No less important than liposuction procedure. Because good results will come from 30% of After Care. So, Amara Clinic provides special care both in terms of the quality of the tools used for After Care which must be new generation technology, effective and visible results, take care and plan the After Care position by a doctor who is an expert in liposuction – fat filling. Including more than 30 comprehensive services such as waiting room before entering the operating room and for relatives VIP level comfort 

    • Recovery room after liposuction with nurses taking close care 
    • Comprehensive compression garments in all sizes, from XS to 4XL, with every proportion. Available to wear immediately after liposuction. 
    • Wound suturing – stitch correction at the clinic by professional nurse 
    • Complete set for home wound. Complete with a guide to caring for yourself after liposuction. 
    • LED light to reduce swelling. 
    • Venus Legacy slimming massage with the best new technology in the world! 
    • Themmatight reduces kidney stones after liposuction, makes the skin smooth and firm. •Laser, scar reduction with Pico Laser (black scars) and IPL (red scars). 
    • Set of medicine to take before and after liposuction. and injections to reduce keloid wounds 

9. The price is commensurate with the quality you receive. 

Amara Clinic is not a cheap liposuction clinic. But at the same time, it is not an expensive liposuction clinic. Our fat-added fat is at a medium level. It is a price calculation for the whole area. It is not counted as a small spot or a handprint, and when the price has been agreed upon with the patient, there will be no additional fees added later without prior notice.

Liposuction position 

Main positions: arms (1), upper-lower abdomen (2), S-waist (3), inner thighs (4), outer thighs (5), calves (6), cheeks (13) , wattle (14) 

Small position: wings on bra (7), wings under bra (8), hips (9), area around knees (10), ankles (11), small breasts (12) 

Additional position: Sexy line 

Fat addition point

Chest, butt/hips, hands, hidden areas, young face (temples, forehead, under eyes, cheeks, cheeks, cheeks, areola) 

10. WE now have 2 branches, easy to come, convenient to travel.

Currently, Amara Clinic is open for service in 2 branches, the first is Ratchayothin branch and the second is Ratchaphruek branch. Traveling is easy and convenient. Private cars, buses and BTS with parking available. 

Amara Clinic สาขา รัชโยธิน

📞 062-946-2397 

🕛 Open 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM (Closed on Wednesdays)

📌 Soi Phahonyothin 37

📌 BTS : Get off at Ratchayothin Station, Exit 4.

📌 Private car: can be parked in front of the clinic.

Ratchayothin Branch

Amara Clinic สาขา ราชพฤกษ์

📞 062-556-6623

🕛 Open 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM (Closed on Wednesdays)

📌 Located on the main road (near the expressway exit point) before reaching The Crystal SB Ratchapeuek.

📌 Private car: can be parked in front of the clinic.

Ratchaphruek Branch